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We need to be serious about our commitment to Sierra Madre’s infrastructure.

Frankly, some of our City’s infrastructure has been neglected for too long.  The City’s investment in our water system is an important first step, but improvements to our library are still needed and residents voice concerns about street and tree maintenance.  We must continue and bolster our commitment to upgrading and properly maintaining all of our infrastructure into the future. 

Our City is financially healthy.  Let’s keep it that way.

An October 2019 California State Auditor’s Office report that assessed each Californian city’s ability to pay its bills gave Sierra Madre a score of 80.99 and deemed us to have “low” overall fiscal risk.  By comparison, some of the most financially endangered cities in Southern California include our neighbors Monrovia (39.1) and San Gabriel (35.6), but we are in good company with San Marino (78.7) and even Beverly Hills (78.97).

I want to represent Sierra Madre residents to make smart financial decisions, maintain sustainable City budgets and closely monitor our City’s long-term liabilities.  Continuing to make fiscally responsible choices is crucial to safeguarding our quality of life and small town character.

Supporting Sierra Madre businesses, and their employees, makes our city stronger.  Let’s help them thrive!

Our village center is the heart of the community and a key to our small town charm. A thriving downtown Sierra Madre benefits us all.  Sierra Madre’s shops and restaurants need our support even more to help them survive and to save jobs.  In addition to encouraging everyone to “shop local”, we need to engage with the Sierra Madre business community about what the City can do to help with pandemic recovery and ensure the long-term success of our downtown and retail center.

Let’s maintain and enhance the City’s partnership with community organizations so we can continue to enjoy our favorite events.

The City’s Community Services Department is a treasure!  From personal experience I know they care deeply about, and work hard to support, the local organizations that provide so many of the programs that make Sierra Madre so wonderful.  To name just a few: the Chamber’s annual Wisteria Festival, the Civic Club’s Halloween Window Painting, the Fourth of July Committee’s parade, and the Mt. Wilson Trail Race Committee’s race.  Let’s leverage the experience and passion of the City staff to explore recreation and other activity opportunities for our kids, our seniors and everyone in between.

Sierra Madre and its City Council Leads by Example

Sierra Madre is a unique community of strong families, inclusive neighbors and fair people who believe that all of our residents deserve equal opportunity to enjoy our City’s idyllic charm and quality of life.  As a City Councilmember I will work to uphold this equality, inclusivity and fairness through my individual actions and dealings with the City staff and the community at large, as well as by actively promoting these values in the Council’s policies and decision-making.

Paid for by Kelly Kriebs for City Council 2020
330 Manzanita Avenue
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